welcome messageIt is with great joy and emotion that I address these words to the dear visitors of the website of the Holy Metropolis of Kenya. The Holy Metropolis of Kenya, founded in 1958 by Patriarchal and Synodic Volume, serves the spiritual, educational, medical, social and other needs of the Orthodox members of the Kenyan Archbishopric and beyond. Within the various programs developed by the Metropolis, it accepts within it and serves any person in need of spiritual or material help.

Within the places of the Holy Metropolis of Kenya there is a huge missionary and charitable work. All this effort is done precisely to help the afflicted, the wronged, the despised, to show him in other words that the Orthodox Church is the place where spiritual resting is found and thus the whole body of Christ is built.

The Metropolis of Kenya is considered to be the largest metropolitan area, taking into account that for the needs of its faithful children today there are about 300 parishes served by 250 native clerics. The center of all activities is the site of the Orthodox Patriarchal School Archbishop of Cyprus Makarios III, where the Technical School (the building of Archbishop Makarios III) and the Pedagogical Orthodox College of Africa, the Kindergarten and the Primary School St. Clement, two stately temples of St. Makarios and Hagia Sophia for the operational needs of all the above institutions, the administration offices of the Holy Metropolis of Kenya as well as the administration offices of the trainees tions. Here, it should be noted that each educational institution has its own library for the needs of the students.

In the premises of the Patriarchal School apart from the Holy Temple of St. Makarios of Egypt, there is also the School that prepares the future clergy and clergymen of the African continent. The attendance is three years and high school graduates are admitted not only from Kenya but also from other countries in the African continent. There are also reception areas, a boarding school including the dormitories and the dining room, as well as the auxiliary rooms for the accommodation and feeding of the priests, the teachers’ offices, the classrooms, the library, as well as the hospitality buildings of the employees, collaborators and visitors of the Holy Metropolis Kenya.

It is our wish that this website of the Holy Metropolis of Kenya be the official means of communicating with the spiritual brothers, friends and benefactors of the Holy Metropolis of Kenya from all over the world, and to help them better understand their mission, offer and needs of our Church in the field of External Mission.

We will always be happy to have the suggestions, remarks and comments of the excellent visitors of our website.

We wish all the Lord and the Holy Spirit to direct and bless the labors and efforts of all those who are well placed to help establish the message of Orthodoxy on the African continent.