The decision of the university of Larissa was to appreciate his eminence for his long services in African continent. A group of doctors and professors together with the students of the university visited Kenya last year in July and they have seen his works including the patriarchal seminary, teachers college, the many primary and secondary schools, medically centers, orphanages etc.

During the ceremony a message was read from his beatitude the pope and the patriarch of Alexandria and all Africa Theodoros II, of his beatitude the archbishop of Anthes Ieronimos, the ministry of foreign affairs of Greece and others. During this ceremony a number of metropolitans of the area were present together with the political leaders, university’s professors, priests and many people including the counselor general of the republic of Cyprus who represented the government of Cyprus.

In is speech his eminence expressed his gratitude to the university authority for honoring him and at the same time described his joy to offer his services to the people in Africa with a lot of humility, love and sacrifice.