It is shocking that this should not be over without any comment. My continuous movements find me in a state of wonder, excitement and even ecstasy, since in front of me they show alternating atmospheric climatic and natural performances. Sometimes the same day. And here is where the comparison is made and thought is born. How did the Creator of the universe put all the power of His Wisdom and build this beautiful world for us His people who enjoy them all and accept them as a special blessing and benevolence.

Nature is imperishable, enormous, endless, fantastic from the time the sun rises until its sunset. This beautiful and unforgettable scenery I enjoyed these days, since I had to visit some places were sometimes I wondered if I could make it, since they are remote places, and may be forgotten. But I had to give this present, because our faithful always expect blessings from their Bishop and listen words of consolation and support. This, of course, is seen through the simplicity and sacrificial movement of every creature that accepts the benefits and great love of God to himself.

So, after the desert, in my program I had to visit these remote areas, where to really use the popular phrase “nature is horrible”. And I explain. Where I was last week, drought troubled the unhappy inhabitants of these areas to such an extent that they were hungry and thirsty, and others were losing their lives. The situation now is changing. In front of us there are huge areas of forests and green mountains that really bring a harmonious unity to the mind of man and this helps even more in the relationship between man and God, since everything we see around us, we can touch and enjoying it is a consequence of the extreme love and consolation of God to man. This wealth of nature certainly strengthens aesthetically and internally and enriches the soul of man with feelings and experiences since all this world reveals the movement of heaven to the earth so that the love of God, the Creator of up and down can be fulfilled.

This so rich natural world encompasses all the mystery, wisdom and beauty of God the Creator. No one satisfied to see all this landscape that includes works related to the Holy Altar. So, that is how we began to visit in this rich tropical vegetation the works that will soon be ready for the immeasurable sacrifice. Here, in these places, which are prepared with such diligence, will be heard in the various dialects the hymns of our Church, our parishes’ services, were will flow the Divine Grace, to rest the tired and troubled souls of our Africans brothers.

Joyful and fragrant secret will spark and enrich the souls of the people of God with a substantial and life-giving presence and spiritual fruitfulness and relief. In this way, the Creator of the universe, will work to get the soul out of anxiety, ignorance and sin, and prepare for deep spiritual cleansing over time and without return. The culmination of this whole tour was the celebration of the Divine Liturgy, together with the region priests, in a devout and secret rhythm of the hymns of the Holy and Great Lent.

And the process continues …

In this crucifixionary period, where man lives, not only now but over time, a mystery, that of the so-called goddess that includes within the world which we all live in and know, but also that which encompasses the rest that is and the two worlds ideal together, since they are directly related to God Himself. This feeling creates within us the strong self-awareness that indeed this relationship of the heavenly world with ours here, as we live, is a great gift from our Creator God. We feel that we are finally in the hands of God Himself, who gives us all the necessary prerequisites to perceive and live in this world and to see tangibly that everything around us is God Himself. We have no choice apart from to approach Him better and to make Him the center of our lives, no matter how much we suffer or disturbed, as it is the only way can conquer and inspire us a parental love and affection that we need so much because it offers us peace and tranquillity. Our life then takes real meaning, and Christ Himself is all about us, since we share everything with our neighbor, our fellow human, who is Christ Himself.

I thought I would close my thoughts and not fill up anything else. But the kids beside us yell at me to go and talk to them and stay with them just for a while. Could I refuse? I knew that they always wanted to hear advice and thoughts from their Bishop.

As they are already on vacation, the sixth, seventh and eighth classes of our primary school were gathered for a special contact and socializing. I was watching and really thinking how much our Church stands in these innocent and afflicted souls, since they come from the slum of our neighborhood. Under any circumstances, they could not be educated. At least, here they have the opportunity to study free of charge, eat in the morning and afternoon, have the opportunity to get their school uniforms and shoes and even free medical care. And the most important of their stay here is that every morning and evening the priests perform sacred services and once in a week the Divine Liturgy.

Let be blessed the name of our Triune God that strengthens and supports us in this endeavor.