A visit to a person can be classified as causal,ordinary, occasional, special or divine, depending on the identity of the visitor and purpose of the visit. One reason why visitation is desired is the fact that it usually involves the exchange of pleasantries, good ideas, vital information and gifts. Visitation brings joy to those in need, especially the fatherless and widows. The sick and bereaved are also encouraged and strengthened through it. People generally desire a special visitation by someone of a far higher social, political or financial status, because such august visitors are known to bless people with quality ideas, information and gifts commensurate to their status. Presidents give presidential pardons, handshakes and gifts, while kings and royals offer royal appointments, gifts and blessings. Beyond these, divine visitation is an unusually privilege that God doles out to show special love, uncommon grace and high favour.

Divine visitation is greatly rewarding and therefore highly sought after. Whenever God steps into a situation, natural laws become suspended, and supernatural laws take over immediately. This is evident in our memory verse. Israel was in the middle of a battle with the Amorites when Joshua suddenly recognised the presence of God. The Lord of hosts himself decided to pay the armies of Israel a visit. Knowing that such a divine visitation had launched him into the realm of the supernatural, Joshua immediately grabbed the opportunity by asking for the impossible. Like Joshua, the presence of the Lord will launch you into the realm of the supernatural today in Jesus’ Name. Divine visitation brings immediate fulfilment of long standing prophecies, as it happened to Sarah (Genesis 21:1). Job testified that in his affliction, with his body terribly battered, it was divine visitation that preserved his spirit (Job 10:12). Also, in Zephaniah 2:7, the Bible reveals that the visitation of the Lord turns away captivity. Every time the manifest presence and glory of God is with His people, they ushered into the realm of the supernatural. In this atmosphere of miracles, all challenges and problems turn to testimonies. This is your season of divine visitation! Praise God and tap into it. Amen.